Testimonials for the Root-Vue Farm:

quoteGreat idea for little wannabe farmers! Josiah was so excited, he could not wait to get started. Seeds are planted and growing is on its way. Great learning tool!quote

~Linda Castro, NC

quoteMy 9 yr old daughter is thrilled that her seeds are now growing into plants. The assembly is only a couple of simple steps. The dirt comes in solid round wafers that you toss in a mixing bowl, add water and stir. Spoon dirt into planter, add seeds close to plexiglass and the roots are visible in a few days!quote

~Diane Walker, TX

quoteMy Granddaughter loved the Root-Vue Farm. She is always trying to grow different things so this gave her a change to see what's happening under the dirt. quote

~Lynn Goss, KY

Root-Vue Farm:

Underground Garden Laboratory


Multiple Award Winner, including Dr. Toy and Oppenheim Gold! This self-watering grow unit has a special viewing window set at a proper angle which makes it easy to watch the roots develop underground! Watch carrot, radish and onion seeds grow up as the roots grow down! Fun for ages 4 and up. Made in the USA. Full Safety Approval.

Complete kit includes: Durable unit with acrylic viewing window, built-in water basin and drainage reservoir, light shield that keeps plants growing but can be removed for viewing roots, 8 super-expanding grow mix wafers, 3 packets of seeds, identification labels, water wicks for self-watering system and 16 page booklet with complete instructions and experiments.

$34.95  Shipped only in the US. (For international orders visit InsectLore.com).

Root-Vue Farm Refill Kit


Refill Kit for the Root-Vue Farm includes grow mix wafers, seeds, labels, water wick and instruction booklet. For US shipments only. $17.95

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