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HSP's award-winning educational kit, the Root-Vue Farm, is a fascinating garden laboratory where kids of all ages watch carrots, radishes and onions grow underground. When first released over 20 years ago, the Root-Vue Farm generated immediate interest and was awarded an Oppenheim Gold Seal as one of the best new toy products. It received the Parent's Choice Gold Seal, and Dr. Toy gave it a "socially responsible" toy award. Root-Vue has been featured on Oprah, Good Morning America and the CBS Early Show and most recently Root-Vue won Product of the Year from Creative Child Magazine!

Worm-Vue Wonders unique double-sided unit provides a close-up view of composting in action!  Worms are nature's recycling wonders, turning "dead" materials into organic fertilizer for plant life.  Worm-Vue has a strong teacher following and is used year after year in the classroom.  Most recently Worm-Vue won the Preferred Choice Award for Educational Science Kits from Creative Child Magazine and has been featured nationwide by libraries with their "dig into reading" programs. Live red-wiggler worms are raised by us here in Vermont and shipped year round via priority mail (weather permitting). 



Leyeyo Kipamba is a Tanzanian Teen who had a special opportunity to come live in the United States with two teachers, Sarah and Paul, whom he befriended in 2005.  He will be traveling this summer to his village in Longido, with his three long-time friends, Evan Ray, Devin Hogan, and Rudi Gohl, who will be working with him to build a house for his mom, as well as read and play soccer with the local children of his village.  For more information, or to donate, go to https://www.youcaring.com/HelpLeyeyo

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Root-Vue Farm featured in Better Homes & Gardens!



Thank for the great review from the Family Review Center on the Root-Vue Farm:

Science and Nature - up close and personal. This is how I perceive and describe the Rootvue Farm kit. By simply following the easy instructions, with the all inclusive kit that you will receive, children will get an up close look at how things grow. You can see inside, through each and every stage of growth to see how it all happens and works. This makes for excitement, let me tell you. Each day my daughter wanted to check what was happening inside and had to do an in depth report to all of us, at what had changed since her last check. It was fun to see the excitement and the interest that did not falter as time went on.

Everything you need is inside. You will be growing carrots, radishes and onions. Once you have it set up, there is nothing more to do, as it waters itself. Just plant, and enjoy it as you watch the growth that happens before your eyes.

Great for at home, for homeschoolers, and for classrooms alike! Also a fun project for daycare centers and preschools!



Root-Vue featured at Toy Fair:


Feed children's natural curiosity with our award-winning nature kits! The Root-Vue Farm has won the Dr. Toy Best 100 Toys Award, the Parent's Choice Seal of Approval, and the Oppenheim Gold Seal. Give kids X-ray eyes while they watch carrot, radish and onion seeds develop underground!

Name that Critter CoNtest!

horn worm

This past weekend we had a contest with the photo to the right. I had gone out to pick two large tomatoes, which were just turning red, and they were gone!

I asked my husband and sons if they had picked them and the answer was no. Then I discovered what had been munching on my tomatoes!

We asked web visitors to identify this critter to win a free Worm-Vue Wonders and 2nd grade teacher Angela Graves was the winner!

Angela said, I believe a tobacco hornworm ate your tomato plant. Its scientific name is a manduca sexta. It looks very similar to a tomato hornworm but it has a red horn instead. I had one eat my plant this summer too!

Angela plans to use the Worm-Vue Wonders in her classroom along with a soils and composting unit she teaches. We love that! Congratulations Angela!

HarvestiNg Fruits aNd Vegetables

Today we had a wonderful bounty. We picked cherry tomatoes, basil, and cucumbers from Dylan's garden. We harvested a huge pan of green beans, corn, and baby pumpkins from another garden on teepee hill. We also gathered plums, peaches & blackberries from the fruit trees surrounding our house.


The fruit trees were planted about four or five years ago. We have apple, plum, peach, pear and cherry. This is the first year we have really seen fruit, mostly plums and peaches. Apples and pears may not produce fruit until the fifth year so we are keeping our fingers crossed for next year.

Square Foot GardeNiNg

When Evan and Dylan were planning their garden, their Dad Richard suggested "Square Foot Gardening," which is a raised bed planting with vegetables and flowers in the minimum of space they need. This cuts down on weeding and watering, and provides easy access to the plants. It's perfect for kids to learn how to grow their own food.


Vegetables taste better wheN you grow them yourself


Dylan and Evan Ray started their garden at the beginning of the summer. Dylan has been tending to it ever since. So far he has picked cherry tomatoes and baby cucumbers. He never liked to eat cucumbers before, but now says "they taste better when you grow them yourself."